The SaaS Sales Method Fundamentals 5th Ed.

How to Have Customer Conversations

Jacco van der Kooij, Dominique Levin

Publisher: Winning by Design, 2018, 122 pages

ISBN: 978-186270205

Keywords: Sales

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The SaaS Sales Method Fundamentals: How to Have Customer Conversations distills how the entire organization communicates with customers down to a simple set of interactions. These interactions happen across multiple channels, from email to phone to in person meetings. What is different about how Blueprints approaches communication is that it emphasizes Impact — understanding how everything in the customer relationship affects the customer's business results. Sales professionals, whether Sales Development Representatives, Account Executives, Customer Success Managers, or Account Managers, will benefit from the important impact-oriented communications frameworks in this book.

  • Introduction
  1. Communication
    1. Winning by Design Communication Techniques
  2. Email
    1. Preparing to Email
    2. Selecting Valuable Insights
    3. Writing an Email — RRR
    4. Using Video in Emails
    5. Measure Engagement
  3. Calling and Leaving a Voicemail
    1. Preparing for a Voicemail
    2. Dialing
    3. Leaving a Voicemail
    4. Following Through
  4. Calling — The Conversation
    1. Open — Creating Interest in Your First Sentence
    2. Objections
    3. Rejections
    4. Offer Something of Value
    5. Ask Questions
    6. Follow-Up — Next Steps
  5. Socializing
    1. Visiting Customers Online
    2. Listening to Customers Online
    3. Engaging with Customers Online
  6. Messaging
    1. Messaging Basics
    2. Real-Time Messaging
  7. Setting Up A Meeting
    1. Scheduling the Online Meeting
    2. Inviting People to the Online Meeting
    3. Preparing for the Online Meeting
    4. Confirming the Online Meeting
    5. Opening and Running the Online Meeting
    6. Follow Up After the Meeting
    7. Presenting in Real Time (Tab-Based Presenting)
  • Summary
  • Conclusion


The SaaS Sales Method Fundamentals

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Disappointing *** (3 out of 10)

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This is really so fundamental, so that it is in practice worthless.



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