All The Right Moves

A Guide to Crafting Breakthrough Strategy

Constantinos C. Markides

Publisher: Harvard Business School, 2000, 220 pages

ISBN: 0-87584-833-8

Keywords: Strategy

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Constantinos Markides contends that the essence of business strategy is to allow a company to create and exploit a unique strategic position in its industry. To do so, the company must make clear and explicit choices based on the answers to three difficult questions: Who should I target as customers? What products or services should I offer them? How should I do this in an efficient way? Any company engaged in strategy making must raise these questions, identify possible answers, and then choose what to do and what not to do. The objective should be to come up with ideas that differentiate the firm from its competitors — and thus stake out a unique strategic position. In All the Right Moves, a highly practical handbook on the fundamentals of strategy, Markides helps managers zero in on the critical choices that lie at the heart of all innovative strategies.

More important, Markides argues that even the best of strategies have a limited life. It is not enough to develop a unique strategic position or to improve the existing one. Companies must continually create and colonize new strategic positions, a difficult if not impossible task for many established firms. Markides explains how to overcome the obstacles to innovation so that even well-established companies can innovate by breaking the rules of the game.

All the Right Moves reveals how creative thinking leads to strategic innovation — the 'breakthroughs' that separate winning strategists from also-rans. Markides approaches strategic thinking as a creative process in which examining an issue from a variety of angles often proves more productive than merely gathering data, and experimenting with new ideas can be more effective than conducting much scientific analysis. He poses key questions for readers to ask as he guides them through a step-by-step framework for developing their strategic thinking skills.

In a refreshingly clear and practical approach, All the Right Moves offers concrete advice for thinking through the tough choices that all business strategists must face. It distills the important elements of strategy into an easy-to-follow system for crafting today's — and tomorrow's — breakthrough business strategies.

    1. Put Innovation Back into Strategy
  • Part I: How to Create a Unique Strategic Position
    1. Decide What Your Business Is
    2. Decide Who Your Customers Are and What to Offer Them
    3. Decide How You Will Play the Game
    4. Identify and Secure Strategic Assets and Capabilities
    5. Create the Right Organizational Environment
    6. Develop a Superior Strategic Position
  • Part II: How to Prepare for Strategic Innovation
    1. Understand How New Strategic Positions Develop
    2. Evaluate and Respond to Strategic Innovation
    3. Take a Dynamic View of Strategy


All The Right Moves

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

OK ***** (5 out of 10)

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A very interesting and different viewpoint. Wortwhile to read.


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