Larry J. Hughes, Jr.

Updated at: Feb. 10, 2011, 1:48 p.m.

Larry J. Hughes, Jr. has more than a decade of software engineering experience and six years of consulting experience. All told, he estimates more than 100.000 people around the globe have used software he has written. Eventually, his software may even run off the globe; he is coauthor of a system designed to monitor and control a rodent habitat on the space shuttle.

Larry's programming expertise has spanned a range of diverse platforms, including embedded systems, MS-DOS, VMS, and Unix. He is coauthor of two software packages that have gained Internet notoriety. Both are TCP/IP network server applications for the VMS operating system. UIPOP3 is an electronic mail server, implementing the Post Office Protocoll, Version 3. IUFINGERD is a server that provides information on users of a computer system via the finger protocol.

Mr. Hughes is also the coauthor and copresenter of various seminars, including ones titles TCP/IP Networking, Introduction to UNIX and Introduction to VMS.

Today, Larry continues his role as Principal Software Engineer at Indiana University, where he helps to architect and develop the distributed computing infrastructure for nearly 40.000 users. He also administers IU's Kerberos authentication/security system, and helps to track hackers who target IO computing systems. Larry's private company, Bohdi Software, currently consults and offers seminars on Internet and computer security, managing and programming Unix systems, and the World Wide Web.

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