Eric G. Flamholtz

Updated at: Feb. 25, 2023, 10:33 a.m.

Eric G. Flamholtz is Professor Emeritus of Management at the Anderson Graduate School of Management, University of California at Los Angeles, and president of Management Systems Consulting Corporation, which he founded in 1978.

Flamholtz received his Ph.D. degree in 1969 from the University of Michigan, where he served on the staff of the Institute for Social Research under the direction of Rensis Likert. His doctoral dissertation, "The Theory and Measurement of an Individual's Value to an Organization,” was co-winner of the McKinsey Foundation for Management Research Dissertation Award.

Flamholtz has also served on the faculties at Columbia University and the University of Michigan and has been a faculty fellow at Price Waterhouse & Co (now Pricewaterhouse Coopers).

He also served for eight years as a member of the Board of Directors of 99 Cents Only Stores ("NDN”), a NYSE company, where he was Chair of the Compensation and Strategic Planning Committees, before that company was taken private in a transaction in 2012.

He has broad interests in management and has done research on a variety of management topics, ranging from accounting and human resource management to organizational development and strategic planning. Dr. Flamholtz has conducted research projects for the National Science Foundation, the National Association of Accountants, and the U.S. Office of Naval Research.

The author of more than 100 articles and chapters on a variety of management topics, Flamholtz published Human Resource Accounting: Advances in Concepts, Methods, and Applications in 1985. He also published The Inner Game of Management, co-authored with Yvonne Randle, in 1987, Effective Management Control: Theory and Practice in 1996, and Changing the Game: Organizational Transformations of the First, Second, and Third Kinds, co-authored with Yvonne Randle, in 1998. He has also published Corporate Culture: The Ultimate Strategic Asset, in 2011.

As a consultant, Flamholtz has extensive experience with firms ranging from entrepreneurships to members of the New York Stock Exchange and the Fortune 500. He has presented seminars and management development programs for organizations in Australia, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Greece, Kazakhstan, Mexico, the Philippines, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Singapore, and Vietnam, as well as throughout the United States.

In 2007, Eric received the "Distinguished PhD Alumni Award” form the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan "in recognition of his contributions to and excellence in management and organization.” In 2012, he was appointed Honorary Professor at the International Academy of Business, Kazakhstan. In 2014, Flamholtz was one of four people selected to receive a "Distinguished Alumni Award” from Washington University in St. Louis, where he received his MBA.

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